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Korean cooking class + Market Tour

Take the visit to TONG-IN Market previous to the cooking class and learn all the clues to get the best and freshest ingredients for your traditional cooking.
We are luckily located right next to one of the most amazing market of the city: TONG-IN Market, which has recently been restored and shines with a stunning colorful roof. Venturing in the market means discovering the city's essence; that's where you will find true fusion of colors, shapes and aromas of high quality foods from around the world.
The visit to the market is only available from Tuesday to Saturday morning. The market tour costs extra $10 per person.


  • * We offer a tailored cooking class so select the dishes you would like to learn and let us know!
  • * If you register as a single person. We ask extra 15,000 won per dish. Please bear in mind!
  • * 5% discount is applied if there is more than 15 persons.
  • * 50% discount for children aged under 5.
  • Include the fee
  • * All the ingredients
  • * Drinks (Tea, Coffee, Persimmon punch or Plum punch)
  • * One glass of Makgeoli or Beer
  • * Rice & Side dishes (Exp. Kimchi Making)
  • * Use of Apron
  • * Recipes
  • * Certificate

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