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About Food & Culture Academy, Your Cookery Team

Meet some of our team

Soo Jin Kim


Soo Jin Kim opened the doors of Food & Culture Academy, set in the heart of the city, in early December 2003. The school offers professionals and amateurs the opportunity to study a number of courses.
She is an expert in Korean food, life skills cookery, and started her career as she was trained very hard by her mother-in law over 30 years. She majored in food cookery at University, worked and researched in Korean cuisine and its history for more than 20 years.
Following her time at Food & Culture Academy, Soo Jin Kim worked extensively as food consultant, writing, teaching, developing recipes, styling for food photography, leading cookery demonstrations and as a tasting panel member.
She also works a lot in government business to promote Korean food to the global.

Ellie Hyewon Lee


Ellie Hyewon Lee began on the path to a career in food after she completed a Master degree at Korea University of international business then started working at a marketing department at Food & Culture Academy.
Following her achievement at, she gained restaurant experience in Korea and overseas, In addition, Ellie Hyewon Lee has worked as a food stylist in filming, advertising, photo shooting.
She has been teaching and performing Korean cooking classes since 2004. Classes taught by Ellie Hyewon Lee are brought with a sense of personal feel, which only she can bring, a feel that puts the novice at ease, and gives the more experienced a new perspective on kitchen techniques.

We’re Different

With so many cooking classes and cooking school possibilities available on the internet, how do you choose the best cooking classes or culinary adventures?
Unlike many of the classes you find  on the internet, we distinguish ourselves for three main reasons

You decide the menu, not us!

In most of your classes, you decide on what dishes you will be cooking that day.
Based on product availability and seasonality we will guide you in formulating a perfect, coordinated meal for your class.

Our classes are HANDS-ON cooking!

so you get individual attention.
NOT ONLY demonstrations.
Hands on cooking lessons!

Learn real, restaurant, healthy cooking skills in a friendly, informative atmosphere.

Food & Culture Academy provides a real cooking restaurant environment taught by trained restaurant /University chefs. You are not in someone’s apartment. You cook in a professional kitchen area.

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